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9 Photoshop Fails: Fashion Magazines, Brochures, Web Sites



Photoshop fails : Fashion editors use Photoshop to touch up photos of models and actors in magazines, web sites, and brochures, and sometimes the results can be quite interesting. Enroll in my Photoshop Retouching, Effects, and More Master Course! Discount coupon:

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Photoshop fails credits:

1 - Alloy Catalog, Photoshopped arm

2 - Ann Taylor Loft, Photoshopped thumb

3 - SimpleBe catalog, messed up hand/fingers

4 - Target Australia, extra hand

5 - Ann Taylor, exaggerated slimming

6 - Kim Kardashian in Complex, exaggerated slimming

7 - Jessica Alba for Campari, exaggerated slimming

8 - Candive Swanepole for Victoria's Secret, awkwardly adjusted right side

9 - Zooey Deschanel for Rimmel, exaggerated blurring/softening with distorted nose

Music Creative Commons (Attribution) courtesy Incompetech

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