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1980s & 1990s Fashion in Tokyo at Funktique Harajuku



A visit to Funktique, a popular Harajuku 1980s and 1990s vintage fashion boutique.

"Elleanor's Tokyo" is a weekly video blog by Elleanor - a 19-year-old English-speaking Japanese girl who spends most of her life in Harajuku.

The Harajuku fashion scene has seen a boom in resale and vintage shops in the last 10 years. Funktique is a relatively recent addition to the scene - having opened in 2012 - but they have quickly built a following among some of Harajuku's most well-known street fashion kids. The shop's aesthetic is New York 1980s and 1990s fashion seen through a Harajuku street lens. They specialize in handpicked pieces and deadstock items, but anything that the owners find interesting might end up in the shop.

Beyond just their vision for the shop, Funktique is unique in Harajuku for two more reasons. First, one of the owners (Misato) is fluent in English. She's happy to talk to foreign customers about Harajuku, and to offer advice on what coordinates she likes. Secondly, Funktique Harajuku has an inspirational back story. The owners have had a shop in Fukushima for 10 years, but were forced to leave town after the March 2011 earthquake. Rather than giving up on their dreams, they not only moved to Tokyo to open another shop, but they also eventually re-opened their shop in the disaster zone. If you'd like to know more about that story, please check our interview with Misato here:

We hope that you enjoy Elleanor's shop visit and please let us know if you'd like to see more shop visits in the future. Also, make sure that you stop by and say hello to Misato and the Funktique team the next time you're in Harajuku!

Funktique is located very near to Dog Harajuku. Here is a map/address:

Funktique Online



A big thank you to Funktique, Misato, and Ketsumo for letting us film this episode.

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About Elleanor:
Elleanor works at two clothing shops in Harajuku, as well as having previously worked at a cafe inside of LaForet Harajuku. She's also been street snapped by FRUiTS (and other magazines), as well as having created handmade accessories for a Harajuku boutique.

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Here are the licensed songs used in this video:
50's Housewife by Garry O'Neal
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