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Women's fashions: year by year: 1949-1980



Year by year images of women's fashions, 1949-1980, with 4 frames per year - more or less arbitrary selection- pics not in any chronological order within each year.(erratum: I'm sorry but the photo of two girls outside their boutique at 1967b right hand side was, in fact, taken in 1968; Someone has also queried 1968b left hand side. saying it looks like 1970/71: am currently checking but am afraid original source lost in mists of time)

The music is 'Aphrodite' by Alessandro Carabelli (details at All About Jazz website)


1/Ideally, a slide show like this should be put together by someone with some credentials in, or a wide knowledge of, fashion history (rather than a mild interest)- but I did it anyway. I like the way the images convey the passing of years and decades.

2/ To the best of my knowledge (!) all images were published in the year shown - except that of the hippie girl in 1968b, which I believe is a later watercolour rendition of a pic of someone who attended a concert in Hyde Park, London, in that year. Ive had to try and judge which sources to trust for dates of post 1960 pattern illustrations and several individual scans.

3/Images should be seen as picked at random from each year and jumbled up within a year.
The 4 frames per year do not represent any chronological order. Because fashion seasons begin in spring and autumn it is possible that things like
Year A (all Dec pics)
Year B (all Jan pics)
Year C (all Dec pics)
(meaning situations where 2 consecutive years containing one season are followed by 3 seasons being skipped before the images for the next year) could happen but blind chance makes it unlikely.

Besides the hippie girl in 1968b, there are 2 other non-contemporary images: the mannequins from the Bath costume museum, at 1963a(rh) and 1970b(lh).